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Library Roles

Throughout this guide you've read why we believe libraries should be key actors in civic open data ecosystems.
This section of the guide offers roles that your library might play in your local civic data ecosystem. The specifics will (and should) be different in different regions.
These roles are meant as a list of possibilities and opportunities. We understand that it is unlikely your library will have the capacity to perform all of them. Libraries are different and at different stages of work with civic data. If you’re at the very beginning of your civic data journey, we hope these descriptions can help you clarify why the library should/could be involved. If your organization has been engaging with civic and open data, these roles may provide you with new ideas and directions for your work.
As you consider potential roles for your library, remember the larger civic data ecosystem. Think about what is already taking place, who is already active, and where you might work in partnership with other organizations. Remember, other libraries can be partners, too! We have found many cases where different libraries (such as a public and an academic) have capacity and expertise that complements each other around these roles.