Providing expertise on data management
What's the need?
  • Many civic organizations produce data and need support with managing and versioning files, standardizing data-related practices, addressing data privacy, determining retention of data, sharing data appropriately, and more.
  • Many data publishers (such as managers of open data portals) need support with metadata and vocabularies, format standards, technical infrastructure strategies, and more.
  • Many data users need strategies for personal data practices, including naming, labeling, storage, backups, deleting, and more.
Why the library?
  • Library workers have the skills to provide data management and data hosting services to organizations that may not otherwise have internal capacity to treat their data as an asset.
What you can do:
  • Consult with data producers, publishers, and users on:
    • Metadata used for datasets and data portals
    • Technical infrastructure for repositories
    • Data management planning
    • Protecting privacy when data sharing
Resources you can use:
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