Selected Resources

On this page, we've selected and described some resources that we think are most to the "Maintaining" section.
Living Cities, et al. “The Civic Tech and Data Collaborative Toolkit: Sustaining the Gain.” Medium. 2018.
The Civic Tech and Data Collaborative Toolkit was compiled by Living Cities, the National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership and Code for America. In this section, the authors share resources for nourishing community networks and achieving your desired impacts.
Reynoso, Elizabeth, Kathryn L.S. Pettit, and Christopher Whitaker. "Collaborating for 21st Century Solutions." The Urban Institute. June 19, 2018.
The Urban Institute provides a useful starting point for identifying philanthropic groups that have supported civic data initiatives and for developing strategies to diversify resources. The authors remind us that resources can be in a form other than a check and stress that managing “in-kind support for labor, space, data, or technology” will be key to civic data projects.
Skinner, Katherine. "Community Cultivation: A Field Guide." Educopia Institute. November 7, 2018.
This guide from Educopia provides communities with tools and tips to plan for growth, transition from pilot projects to sustainable programs, and navigate common challenges to successful collaborations.