Increasing the library's capacity to do all of the above

What's the need?
  • To be sustainable, many of the roles in this section require ongoing commitments of people, resources, and expertise.
Why the library?
  • Libraries are relatively stable organizations and are used to long-term planning and infrastructural thinking.
What you can do:
  • Make the case about the importance of this work to your library's leadership and funders
  • Determine what a baseline of civic data awareness might look like for you and your library colleagues; then work on developing it through whatever means works best in your library (trainings, discussion groups, projects with community partners)
  • Modify existing staff positions to include responsibilities around civic data; support people in these roles with training and meaningful project work
  • Create and hire new positions with responsibilities around civic data
  • Cross pollinate civic data conferences
Resources you can use:
  • Talking Points: Why Libraries Should be Key Participants in their Civic Data Ecosystems [PDF, PNG]
  • Toolkit Job descriptions - coming soon