Connecting data users
What's the need?
    Data users, even when living in the same region, are often separated. Users may be facing similar problems and may have solutions or complementary expertise to share.
    Together, data users can be stronger advocates for social change, for improving civic data, for making additional data available, and for the creation of tools to make data more useful.
    In-person connections can be fun and help strengthen local networks.
Why the library?
    Your library is already a space for convening and connecting individuals to information.
    Your library has the infrastructure and skills to build community around civic data.
What you can do:
    Attend or host a civic data community event like a Data Day or a coding challenge
    Promote civic data initiatives through the library's social media, events, and calendars
    Facilitate a local data user group around a specific dataset or topic (ex. housing data, environmental data)
    Host recurring data literacy trainings and workshops
Resources you can use:
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