Connecting data producers

What's the need?
  • Data producers, even when working in the same region, are often separated.
  • Data producers may be facing similar problems, and may have solutions or complementary expertise to share.
  • Together, data producers can develop solutions for challenges around data governance, data publishing and sharing. They can advocate for infrastructure. And they can standardize the descriptions and availability of their data.
Why the library?
  • As a community hub and an advocate for the social good, your library has the capacity to act as a convener and a bridge between networks.
  • Libraries have a special opportunity to include local groups that don’t traditionally see themselves as belonging to the data space.
What you can do:
  • Convene a data producers council / working group
  • Host ecosystem mapping events that bring together local data producers
  • Hold workshops for organizations interested in publishing data. Topics could include data management, metadata, and privacy
Resources you can use: